Practical completion Inspection (PCI)

Now comes the time to get your keys and move in. There’s one more thing before you hand over the final payment.

Making sure that everything is in place and there are no hidden problems that you may encounter after moving in.

Practical completion is a point where the home is ready to be handed over and is habitable, but still may have some minor defects that are still covered under the 4 – 6-month maintenance period. Even though you can move in, it’s better to have most of those
niggly points cleared up prior to key handover.

This is where Lamers Building Reports & Consultancy can help. We’ll come and perform thorough and detailed building inspections for your newly purchased property or the surrounding areas so that you can move in soon and on schedule.

Most inspections take approximately 2 hours, and are very comprehensive. An inspection will include a detailed check of each room, from the usual walls/ceilings/flooring to fixtures and tiling.

It will examine all the internal aspects of your potential home, including vanities, mirrors, shower screens, kitchen cabinets, appliances, window treatments, doors and frames.

The external features of the house will also be reviewed, those being the brickwork and render, roof coverings (including gutters and downpipes), windows and screens, external painting and paving on the driveway and surroundings.

Our goal is to not only help you move into your new property in a timely manner but to also make sure your new property is safe and up to code so you don’t encounter problems in the near future.

If you’re looking for comprehensive building inspections by a team who understands the industry, building codes and safety considerations, talk to Lamer Building Reports & Consultancy today. We’ll make sure no room, appliance or feature is overlooked so you can rest assured your new property is a sound investment.

Minor defects can be missed at handover and can become a major issue, such as scratches to glazing, benchtops,or cabinets, as well as chips in bathtubs.

Resolving these issues as soon as practical is the best course of action. All new homes come with their own idiosyncrasies, and you’re welcome to ask questions to clarify anything you feel might not be right.

To get more out of your new property or properties investment. Schedule your building inspections with the professionals at Lamers Building Reports & Consultancy. We’ll help you resolve any issues that have been missed and make sure you are pleased with your new home or building.

To schedule your building inspections, give us a call on 0484 762 465. You can also reach out to us via our online message platform if you prefer.

Assessments Are Carried Out By A Registered Builder With Over 42 Years Industry Experience