Pre-Purchase Building Inspection in Baldivis

Building Inspections for Baldivis

When you’re finally ready to buy your own home, or even when you’re buying your second or third home, you’re probably excited at the prospect of moving into your new space. However, not every house is created the same. Lamers Building Inspections and Consultancy offers professional new home inspections in Baldivis and the adjacent areas so that you can buy the right home in the right condition.

Don’t buy a home blindly; trust my experience and consult me for a pre-purchase building inspection today.

What is a building inspection?

In short, a building inspection consists of a professional inspecting the property for any and all potential problems. When you engage Lamers Building Inspections and Consultancy, you will be personally catered to by myself to check everything from the roof to the foundation. I can even check for pest problems or damage. After I know what issues exist, if any, I’ll inform you of what course to take to engage the suitable trades.

Why hire a building inspector?

Your new home is going to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, so the last thing you want to deal with is problems and repairs right after you move in. You hire a pre-purchase building inspection for peace of mind before you buy your new home. Once you know if your future home has any problems, you won’t be surprised by issues in the future.

I want to help you decide if you really want to buy the home you’ve had your eye on or not. A new home is a huge investment; make the right choice with our help.

Why hire Lamers Building Inspections and Consultancy?

Tim Lamers, our founder, has been in the business for over 42 years and has been a registered builder since 2003. Because Western Australia doesn’t require licensing or certification for home inspections, you should come to the company with the experience you trust. As a small business, I’ll treat you with the respect, care and personal service that you deserve.

If you plan to buy or build a new home in Baldivis soon, give me a call on 0484 762 465 to get your new home inspection.

Assessments Are Carried Out By A Registered Builder With Over 42 Years Industry Experience